Barrington in a South Carolina newspaper, and four other new documents

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We are celebrating Mozart’s birthday with our first posting of new documents since June 2021! The new documents are:

Barrington’s report on Mozart reprinted in a South Carolina newspaper

Barrington’s famous report on the young Mozart was reprinted in The South-Carolina and American Gazette at the beginning of Nov 1771, just a few months after its first publication in Britain. This is now, to our knowledge, the earliest reference to Mozart in a North American publication.

A review of Artaria’s edition of Mozart’s op. 2 (addendum)

This review of Artaria’s edition of six violin sonatas by Mozart is well known from its publication in Magazin der Musik in Apr 1783. However, it appeared nearly a year earlier in the Reichs-Postreuter, published in Altona, just five months after the set was first advertised in Vienna.

Mozart in a review of Clementi’s Sonatas op. 23

Mozart’s name appears in a review of Clementi piano sonatas as one of six composers whose style, the reviewer claims, Clementi is not imitating.

‘Das vortrefliche Singspiel’ Die Entführung aus dem Serail in Regensburg

An announcement of a performance in Regensburg “auf hohes Begeheren.”

Mozart in a fanciful list of musical works

Our first entry in the newly added category, “Curiosa.”

We have added translations to the existing entries for 26 Mar 1788, 28 Nov 1789, 28 Nov 1791, 5 Dec 1791, 2 Jan 1792, 21 Sep 1792, Sep 1792, 25 Oct 1792, and Nov 1792. We have also revised all existing entries for items from Musikalisches Wochenblatt and Musikalische Monathsschrift in order to take into account Rainer J. Schwob’s W. A. Mozart im Spiegel des Musikjournalismus, published in 2015, after our entries on those items were first published. For an overview, see our revised Notes to our entry for 10 Oct 1791.

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