References to Mozart in Three Letters to Count Wolkenstein

Lodron (detail)

We have just added three new documents to our site, all passages from letters to Count Pio Fedele von Wolkenstein in Trent. All three were discovered by Clemente Lunelli, who first reported them in 1982, but they have remained almost entirely unknown to the Mozart literature.

Count Rogendorf on Ascanio in Alba

Count Cajetan von Rogendorf in Milan writes to Wolkenstein about events during the wedding festivities for Archduke Ferdinand and Princess Maria Beatrice d’Este, including Hasse’s Ruggiero and Mozart’s Ascanio in Alba.

Francesco Galoardi visits the Mozarts in Salzburg

Violinist Franceso Galoardi, Wolkenstein’s violin teacher, reports on his visit to the Mozarts in Salzburg while on his way to Passau to take up a position in the court orchestra there.

Countess Antonia von Lodron to Count Wolkenstein

Countess Lodron in Salzburg, stepmother of Wolkenstein’s wife, had previously asked Wolkenstein to suggest a violinist who might be willing to come to Salzburg for the winter, because (as she makes clear in this letter), the Mozarts are out of town, and she is having a difficult time finding musicians for their domestic music making. Wolkenstein has suggested Giacomo Tranquillini, and this letter from the countess responds to that suggestion.

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