Three Documents from the Mozarts’ first Italian tour

Firmian Letter.4April1770 (extract)

We have just added three new documents to our site, including a newly discovered letter from Count Firmian to Count Giacomo Marulli regarding Mozart. We also take a new look at Marianne and Cecilia Davies in our commentary on a letter from Giammaria Ortes to Hasse.

Ortes to Hasse on the Mozarts

The first letter from Giammaria Ortes to Johann Adolph Hasse that mentions the Mozarts. Not in Dokumente.

Count Firmian responds to Count Marulli regarding Mozart

Dexter Edge and Christopher J. Salmon discuss the newly discovered letter from Count Carlo Firmian in Milan to Count Giacomo Marulli in Bologna. The letter is Firmian’s response to Marulii’s (lost) answer to Firmian’s (lost) letter of recommendation for the Mozarts. Marulli is mentioned in Leopold Mozart’s travel notes, but up to now has remained entirely unknown to Mozart scholars.

Mozart and the Davies sisters (Ortes to Hasse, addendum)

The version in Dokumente of Ortes’s letter to Hasse of 2 Mar 1771 omits three relevant sentences at the beginning of the paragraph, and two at the end that also refer to the Mozarts. We give the complete corrected text of the passage from Livia Pancino’s scholarly edition (1998) of the complete Ortes-Hasse correspondence. The last two sentences contrast the reception in Venice of the Mozarts and the Davies sisters: Marianne, the glass-harmonica virtuosa, and her sister Cecilia, a young singer trained by Hasse. Mozart scholars have remained largely unaware that the Davies sisters were in Venice at the same time as the Mozarts. The commentary by Dexter Edge revisits the careers of Marianne and Cecilia, correcting some widespread errors in the secondary and reference literature.

We have made updates to two entries:

  • 24 Feb 1771, Gradenigo on Mozart in Venice.
    Minor revisions to bring this commentary into line with the new commentary for 2 Mar 1771.
  • Early 1787, Joachim Perinet and “Mozarts Fortepiano”.
    Various updates and revisions.

We have also added a translation to our entry for 23 Apr 1789.

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