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Leopold Mozart as guide to Paracelsus
The Mozart family gives a concert in Brussels
Mozart in Paris and his Sonatas, op. 1 (addendum)
An advertisement of Mozart’s Sonatas, op. 1 & op. 2 (K. 6–9)
A Berlin report on the Mozarts in Paris
Mozart in the Neueröffneter Historischer Bilder-Saal
The earliest known advertisement of the Delafosse engraving of Carmontelle’s portrait of the Mozarts (addendum)
A Dutch report on Mozart in London (addendum)
A Hummel advertisement for Mozart’s op. 2
The first Dutch edition of Leopold Mozart’s Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (7 documents)
A Concert with Manzoli at Lady Clive’s
Elizabeth Harris buys a ticket for a concert by the Mozarts
Defending the truth of Mozart’s age
A performance by Wolfgang and Nannerl Mozart in Calais
The Mozarts in Dunkirk

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