Chronological Index: 1760–1779

(51 documents)



The Mozart family gives a concert in Brussels


Mozart in Paris and his Sonatas, op. 1 (addendum)
An advertisement of Mozart’s Sonatas, op. 1 & op. 2 (K. 6–9)
A Berlin report on the Mozarts in Paris


The earliest known advertisement of the Delafosse engraving of Carmontelle’s portrait of the Mozarts (addendum)
A Dutch report on Mozart in London (addendum)
A Hummel advertisement for Mozart’s op. 2
The first Dutch edition of Leopold Mozart’s Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (7 documents)
A Concert with Manzoli at Lady Clive’s
Elizabeth Harris buys a ticket for a concert by the Mozarts
Defending the truth of Mozart’s age
A performance by Wolfgang and Nannerl Mozart in Calais
The Mozarts in Dunkirk
A report of Mozart’s performance for Prince William V (addendum)
A report of Mozart’s performance in The Hague


Mozart’s organ contest with Bachmann


Mozart conducting Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots
Reports of Mozart's performance for the Munich court (Nov 1766), and Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots (Mar & Apr 1767)


Mozart directs the music at the consecration of the Waisenhauskirche


Ortes to Hasse on the Mozarts
Count Georg von Arco’s letter of recommendation for the Mozarts
Count Domenico Lodron’s letter of recommendation for the Mozarts


Ottaviano Dionisi on Mozart in Verona
Mozart in the diary of Veronese painter Giambettino Cignaroli
Mozart’s Op. 1 & 2 in the sale of the library of the Duc de Chaulnes
Mozart and Count Firmian (Firmian’s letter of recommendation to Prince Doria Pamphilj)
Count Firmian responds to Count Marulli regarding Mozart
Burney and Mozart in Bologna (correction)


Princess Maria Beatrice d’Este attends Mitridate
Count Firmian recommends Mozart to Count Lascaris di Castellar
On the reception of Mitridate
Carlo Flaminio Raiberti to Antonio Greppi on a scrittura for Mozart in Turin
Count Firmian names Mozart as composer of the serenata for the wedding of Archduke Ferdinand and Princess Maria Beatrice d’Este
Gradenigo on Mozart in Venice
Mozart and the Davies sisters (Ortes to Hasse, addendum)
Count Firmian to Count Salazar on Mozart and the wedding serenata
Count Firmian to Count Sporck on Mozart’s serenata
Count Firmian to Parini on Mozart’s serenata
Barrington’s report on Mozart reprinted in a South Carolina newspaper
Count Rogendorf on Ascanio in Alba


Francesco Galoardi visits the Mozarts in Salzburg
Countess Antonia von Lodron to Count Wolkenstein


Mozart’s choruses for Thamos, König in Ägypten


Hugh Elliot on La finta giardiniera in Munich